What is Bootstrap Marketing and Why is it Important?

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It’s become exceedingly clear over the last couple of decades that knowledge and information equal power. Any intelligent business owner realizes that having an endless supply of useful information will result in more engagement with their audience, help them be seen as an authority in their niche, and will end up making their business more money.

“Owning” this knowledge and information, and dispersing it at regular intervals to your intended audience, will instantly raise your authority level to those absorbing that information, and it’s one of the ways that you can utilize bootstrap marketing in your biz.

So let’s discuss how you, yourself, can bank on knowledge and information, and create a reality that you love!

The concept of bootstrap marketing is a great place to begin. Understanding what exactly bootstrap marketing is and why it is important are two very powerful pieces of useful information that have the ability to give you a leg up in the business world. While your competition is busy listening to informational noise, you will be tuned into a powerful signal that can lead you in the right direction on the road to success.

What is Bootstrap Marketing?

Bootstrap marketing certainly isn’t one of the more traditional business models that rely on business plans, investors, and loans. This has great appeal to some, and seems like a joke to others. It is a much simpler, less complex business model that tens of thousands of marketers have used with great success.

At its very core, bootstrap marketing is starting up a business with no (or very little) upfront cash. The philosophy behind this business model relies greatly on what the entrepreneur can put into the business that doesn’t include money…things like time, work, ingenuity, ideas, resourcefulness, and creativity.

As a bootstrap marketer, you are your own boss, and your own employee. The success or failure of your venture is solely up to you (unless of course, you have partners in the venture). The ideas you come up with, and how you go about turning those ideas into a real business…it’s all up to you.

So clearly, this business model isn’t for everyone. But if you have an entrepreneurial mind and spirit, a great attitude and outlook, and the resourcefulness to get things done on the cheap, bootstrap marketing may very well be a lucrative business model that you’ll want to explore.


Anastasia Vasilopoulou

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