Four Bootstrap Marketer Traits

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It seems that entrepreneurial marketers everywhere share some of the same traits on a global level. Being able to identify and understand these traits, and how they work for us as marketers, will go a long way to helping you develop those same traits within yourself.

  1. Money Isn’t Everything

The very definition of a bootstrap marketer means they are attempting to start and build their business with very little funds available. While this may at first seem detrimental, it’s really not!

What one lacks in money can easily be reconciled by bringing their own enthusiasm, direction, initiative and determination to the table. Think about sweat equity in a house. Many people by “fixer-uppers”, knowing that by doing renovations themselves, they can save money. It’s much the same in bootstrap marketing. By investing that same sweat equity in your own business, you’re able to build a business without a lot of startup cash.

  1. Surviving is Thriving

If you’re a bootstrap marketer who feels they’ve been through a lot in life, you’re certainly not alone. Because of the mindset entrepreneurship requires, it’s no surprise that the majority of the successful marketers have experienced many trials and tribulations in life. They are true survivors!

And because they’re good at surviving, they also know how to get ahead – to thrive instead of just survive. They are resourceful, assertive, and don’t give up. This mindset, and skill set, is invaluable to the bootstrap marketer.

  1. Knowledge is Invaluable

Being a bootstrap marketer means banking on the knowledge you have in your head. That knowledge can not only make you money, but it can help you get ahead of your competitors. The more you know, the better you can perform for both yourself and your clients.

Entrepreneurs have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge that they know is as good as money in the bank. And this knowledge is what can make you far superior to your competition.

  1. Bend, Don’t Break

Staying focused is possibly the most important skill a bootstrap marketer can develop. By focusing on the goal at hand, and understanding cash limitations, a marketer can hone in on what will make the best business decisions for their own business, while ignoring what others in their market are focusing on. A bootstrap marketer with awesome focus skills understands that business fads are just that – fads – and they’ll stick with what they know.

A bootstrap marketer knows, too, that the ability to change that laser-sharp focus at a moment’s notice enables them to take advantage of anything beneficial business-wise that may cross their path.

A combination of these important traits will set you on the road to bootstrap marketing success!



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