Work at Home Moms Become EBay Sellers

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Moms that want to work from home can make a remarkable amount of money as an eBay seller.

What you might think is junk is someone else’s treasure. You can sell used goods or you can set up your own online store and sell new products. Using drop ship companies for selling on eBay allows you to place the items online at your store and when orders are taken, the drop ship company sends out the order after you confirm payment. There is nothing more rewarding than sitting back waiting for sales to come.

Setting up the online store is easier than one thinks.

First you must find a drop ship company if you plan to sell new items. You will find many companies that do this type of business, but you should check around and find the best one. You will have to spend some time promoting your business, but after you do, and have some sales with positive feedback, you should see an increase in your sales and earnings. Promotion is the only way to start your own eBay sellers business.

If you want to sell on eBay, prefer to sell items that are used or even antique, you can visit garage sales and flea markets to find some incredible items that everyone will want.

Colored glass, pictures and even household decor go very fast on eBay. If you spend very little money to buy the items, you can make a profit. Many work at home moms make the garage sale runs on weekends and include the kids in the process.

When you start up an eBay seller account on the popular auction site, you will need to have a valid email account, credit card or a debt card to a bank account and a username and password. Once the account is set up, you can begin adding items to your online store or to the auction site if you plan to sell items you have personally. EBay is so easy to use that you will have your items listed and ready for viewing in no time.

Moms around the world have found selling items at auction sites very profitable.

There is little work involved to setting up the account, but you will want to keep promoting at least two hours a day until you become well known is the business. If you are selling without a drop ship company, you will need to have shipping supplies. You do need to be prompt with the shipments to receive good feedback. The more positive feedback you have the more customers will trust you.

You can do this business from anywhere, especially if you are running a storefront with a drop ship business as your shipper. This type of business can be any time of the day. The only thing that you have to have control over is when the auction ends and when you ship the items or communicate with the drop ship company. You could easily plan your auctions to start and end when the kids are in bed. This means that no time is taken away from the family.

Many moms enjoy the benefits of working with eBay so they can enjoy more time with their families.

EBay selling may not be for everyone, but once you see how easy things are, you will want to try. You can start out small and gradually increase your auctions or you start out big right away. Before starting, you should read the terms and conditions of eBay so you know your rights and the buyers rights.

If you have any questions, you can find answers by contacting eBay or by talking with one of the many moms that already have a lucrative business in eBay. There are also many books about eBay selling, but you want to make sure that you take the advice of one of the many moms that already sell and have a proven track record. Many moms are always willing to help a new mom get started. Always take some time to learn how some other moms started and how they increased their own sales before you start.

I searched a lot to find E-Bay specialists in order to help you begin. Here are the results of my research:

Skip McGrath is an internet marketer whose main focus is on selling products through the online auction site, eBay. McGrath has a website where he provides free information and training on how to make money selling through eBay. is a hub where you can access all the products that have been developed by Jordan Malik. Though there isn’t a lot on this actual page – it is the perfect gateway to some very good products that will make it much easier for you to generate an online income by selling products online through E-bay and Amazon. These products are perfect for both the newbie and the more experienced seller.

Many E-bay sellers know Jim Cockrum as the author of one of the most successful books about selling on E-bay called, “The Silent Sales Machine”.

Alex Jeffreys is someone who, in a very short time, has gone from newbie to Internet marketing Guru with several successful product launches under his belt. Not only is he running a successful business online, but he mentors others to do the same thing he does. E-Bay gave Alex his first taste of selling online and he learned valuable lessons on how to sell products successfully that he shares with his customers in his first product, “Easy Profit Auctions“.

John Thornhill is best known for being a PowerSeller on E-bay and sharing how he successfully sells on the auction giant through some of the CD ROMs he sells. He is an Internet marketer and author, coach and mentor. He is considered to be an “E-bay Guru”.

Lisa Suttora is known in Internet marketing circles as an e-Bay expert. She has special expertise in selling products on e-Bay and making a neat profit out of it. Not only does she make profits for herself, but she has entered into teaching other people how to do the same. She has written a legion of e-Books and courses on how newbie Internet marketing people can earn money through this route.

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