About Me

My name is Anastasia, I live in Peloponnisos, Ileia, the birthplace of the Olympics. My husband and I, decided to leave behind Athens and start a new life in the countryside with our 5 year old daughter.


All my life I was an assistant accountant. I only wanted a new perspective with all that crisis in Greece. I am not a person who give up , I am always searching for a new way. I believe this, about everything in our lives. Never give up.


So I decided to start with internet marketing 4 years ago . At the beginning, I thought it was difficult with all of these squeeze page, autoresponder, corversion rate, ppc etc.


The only thing that matters to me is to help people to see a different way of working and making money. That was my target and this is my target now. The experience I gained these past 4 years it was valuable.


The internet has absolutely blown down all of the old barriers to commerce, allowing you to create a business from scratch with or almost free tools, technologies and strategies that you simply would not have had access to otherwise. You control your business with internet marketing.


Online marketing is like any other real business. It takes vision, perseverance, tenacity, determination and a willingness to work really, really hard!


What I have found though, over the last 4 years, is it’s not just about the tools and skills, it’s also about mindset. And for many it’s all about mindset.


Is affiliate marketing still the fastest way for moms to make money online in 2016? Yes! It’s also the most inexpensive way to start for people new to making money online. If you would like to contact with me by facebook, you can find me here . This is where I network with others and offer my help each and every day to people like yourself.


Here’s some random fun facts about me, so you can get to know me better.


I am fan of heavy metal and rock music and I enjoy the concerts very much. During my pregnancy I viewed 8 concerts. !!!!!!


I love horses.


I love Indian culture and way of thinking from the day I was born!!! I don’t know why but as far as I remember myself I love these people so much and their way of life. Respect!!!


I also like to read in my spare time. Knowledge is a powerful thing. It helps me to move on with my life.


I love being a Mum! My 5 year old daughter is absolutely gorgeous and we are both lucky to have the most fantastic partner, Dad !!!


I work hard, but I have a life that I control, I enjoy, and that I get to spend the way I want .


That is my life.  Simple, but at the same time exciting.  I work from home with my daughter, each and every day and the entire goal of my site here is to help you do the same .


Again, I am Anastasia.  Wonderful to meet you and if you feel free to contact me if you ever need anything.  Drop me a comment below or you can always get in touch with me via social media.


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Do you have what it takes to be a successful affiliate marketer? You’ll never know until you try!


Your friend,





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